High Five To My Favorite Instagram and French Fries…

Apparently it’s National High Five Day!! And in honor of this fun (but super random) holiday of the day I’m giving a high five to my favorite things / people / running stuff / other…

5 Favorite Instagram Accounts:

1. @F***Jerry – funny!

favorite instagram accounts

2. @AmyShumer – because I want to see I Feel Pretty and I never want to see movies!

3. @FozzCook – this is the first Golden Retriever account that showed up when I just checked. But I love all Golden accounts way way way too much.

4. @TheDad – I love dad jokes. Have we ever talked about this? I think half of my jokes are super cheese dad jokes and the other half are so inappropriate I might need to do some extra credit to get into Heaven.

5. @BlueZones – The blue zones are places in the world where people live a long healthy life beyond the standard age and health of others. I read about the Blue Zones a few years ago and have been obsessed with them ever since. And I love to talk about them with people who show the slightest bit of interest in them. Love!

best friend

5 Favorite Races:

1. Jerusalem Marathon

2. NYC Marathon

3. LA Marathon

4. Las Vegas Half Marathon

5. Catalina Marathon

***Actually – I don’t want to commit to this list of favorite races. I keep switching the order and changing some of the races… and 5 hours later I’m just going to post this and say that I like these races a lot but I’m not saying they’re the best in this order. But also – maybe they are.

wink gif

5 Favorite Foods this week:

1. Mangoes – super ripe ones are magical.

2. Pad Thai

3. Homemade pizza

4. Yogurt with tons of toppings

5. Boom Chocolatta Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – this was a very unexpected delivery from a friend and far be it for me to turn down ice cream.

boom chocolatta review

5 Things You Should Know:

1. Des Linden thought she might not finish the Boston Marathon at the beginning of the race. Apparently she told Shalene Flanagan she might tap out and offered to help block wind or support Flanagan. She slowed down when Flanagan stopped at a porta potty.  <- nothing leading up to this point would lead you to think should would end up WINNING the race.

She kept going. One of her mottos is “Keep Showing Up”. Remember that. Keep going. Keep showing up.

You can read more about Des Linden’s Boston Marathon win and how sportsmanship I mean sportswomanship may have helped her win.

2. Scientists found an easy way to prevent blisters!

3. You can get FREE McDonald’s FRENCH FRIES this month by using their app to order and paying with Apple Pay – as long as it’s on Friday. Free French Fries on Friday!! This is the best! But – can you get Apple pay on android?? Get more details at Food & Wine here.

4. National Oatmeal Cookie Day and National Raisin Day are April 30th. Is it a lil weird that they’re on the same day and raisins in oatmeal cookies are the reason I have trust issues?

salmon villa

5. The OC Marathon & Half Marathon is May 6th! It’s on my schedule and I unexpectedly got off the waitlist for Mountains to Sea … so I think I’m doing both! We need to talk about this! (read as: I need to talk this out in therapy and with you since I haven’t run a marathon since last year and suddenly I’m running 2 in 1 month??)


If you want to run the Orange County marathon or half marathon get a 10% discount with coupon code: RER10OFF

Question: Who is your favorite Instagram runner or eater? What are your 5 favorite foods this week?

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