My First Hangover

Just me and my spirit animal talking a walk because I couldn’t run on Saturday. Yeah I had to skip my long run because I had a lil case of what they call Vodkitis …

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Okay – since RER is sometimes a place to document major events in my life I have a new one to share! This weekend will go down in history as my first hangover!

Yeah, I don’t know how I dodged the hangover bullet up till this point – but I never had one before!!?! I knew it wouldn’t last forever. I knew I was playing with fate anytime I drank more than 2 cocktails. I don’t drink that often so it doesn’t even take that much for me to feel it. But by some red-headed Mexican magic I have not felt that crappy, nauseous, headachey feeling that is known as ‘regret’ or sometimes ‘a hangover’ until Saturday.

And it was NOT fun. I don’t want to do that again.

I think I’ve been able to drink (sometimes a tiny bit too much) and not get hungover because I always hydrate like it’s my job so I don’t get dehydrated (which is part of the reason for the headache). And I also eat like it’s my job which helps keep my stomach settled. Apparently I dropped the ball with that and didn’t eat or drink enough before my first ever bar crawl around Orange County.

Lesson learned.


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Here are some random thoughts about the weekend…

– Went on an impromptu bar crawl on Friday…
It was my first one ever!! Yes – I’ve never been on a pub / bar tour / crawl before. This is mainly because I didn’t realize everyone else was doing stuff like this in college as I was too busy with my BF at the time who was past that part of his life. I thought I really missed out on a lot of fun but after this weekend maybe it’s for the best.

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— it was also my first hangover ever on Saturday morning! Boo.

— I hugged Katie 4 times… I’m hoping that hits my quota for the year and she stops trying to hug me all the time.

Hangovers are nature's way of grounding you

— I felt horrible on Saturday. And for once it wasn’t horrible self esteem due to my choices but physically horrible due to vodka.

— Supposedly psychological wounds are worse than physical ones but it seems cheaper and faster to set a broken bone than to heal emotional trauma. ( I don’t know how this is related but it really feels like it is)

hangover did you die

— Somehow feeling nauseous isn’t painful but completely prevents any normal human function.

— Nuun is amazing for helping you on hot sweaty workouts for when your dehydrated from adult beverages. Seriously it felt magical to drink that. Thnx @nuunhydration

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— I ordered a lot at Panera. But I usually order more.

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— I was asking my friends for help on tips on how to bounce back from a hangover and one of them was grilling me so I tried to shut her down and then I felt bad…
and I think that text convo is a pretty accurate snapshot of what it’s like to be my friend. Except a lot louder in real life.

weekend recap fitness update


hangover cure


Moral of the story: Next time I go to Panera I’m getting a cookie and coffee cake.

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