Pile on the Miles Run Bet Challenge 2018

Hello!! I have a big announcement for the Pile on the Miles Challenge this year!! We are switching it up to a Run Bet Game!! This way help keep you accountable and it’ll be a fun change to this challenge that we’ve done for years! You bet on yourself and commit to sticking with it.

Plus – Run Bet tracks your miles so anyone who wants a little friendly competition can aim to run the most miles of the challenge!! It’s starts Nov 5th – so we’ll start on a Monday and run the heck outta November!!

Sign up with your smartphone here:

Run Eat Repeat – Pile on the Miles Challenge

Pile on the miles challenge november Run Bet

For those that aren’t familiar – Run Bet is similar to Diet Bet (an app that’s popular for weight loss contests). This app hosts running challenges – it’s about piling on miles in November.

You get the free app > Bet $40 that you’ll stick with the challenge > Run the minimum per week > Get your money back (and maybe win more!)

So while you have to pay $40 to join… it’s really FREE because YOU are going to stick with it!

And I’m going to help you!

We’ll have a private Facebook Group to help keep you on track & answer any questions.

Plus I’ll do Q&A sessions in the group 2x a week so you’ll have access to me for any running or fuel questions.

I’m here to help you, coach you, motivate you and more!

Pile on the Miles Challenge 2018


Sign up with your smartphone here:

Run Eat Repeat – Pile on the Miles Challenge


Pile on the Miles Challenge 2018 will be a Run Bet Game this year!!

Run Bet is a game where you bet that you’ll stick to running 4 days a week for at least 30 minutes. You bet $40 to play. Stick to the challenge and you WIN!

Runners who hit the goal –> get your money back and may win extra (from players who didn’t finish the game)


Pile on the Miles Challenge 2018:

  • Nov 5 – Dec 2
  • Download the Run Bet App (it’s free)
  • Bet $40 that you will stick with it!
  • Run 4x a week – 30 minutes minimum (you can run more but you must run at least that)
  • Track your miles on the app, Garmin, Strava or treadmill selfie (details below)
  • Complete the Challenge and WIN!! (You’ll get your money back & split any extra winnings)

AND – the app will tally up your mileage so if you want a lil friendly competition you can try to go for the most miles!!


Sign up with your smartphone here:

Run Eat Repeat – Pile on the Miles Challenge


Pile on the Miles 2018 Run Bet Challenge (800x800)


How to Track your Miles:

All you need (for tracking runs outside) is a phone with GPS and one of the following free running apps which are available for iOS and Android: Runkeeper or Strava (in the future we’ll support other running apps). Once you have Runkeeper or Strava connected to RunBet, we “see” your runs and can automatically credit you. You just need to make sure the app is properly tracking your runs.

Note that if you run indoors on treadmills, you don’t need a run tracker – in that case, you can send photos of your treadmill along with sweaty selfies to our Referees to get credit for your runs.

Using your running watch:

RunBet supports Garmin GPS devices, so if you have one you will just need to make sure your runs are being saved in the Garmin Connect app. You can sync the Garmin Connect app with RunBet the same way you would sync Runkeeper or Strava.

You can use other wearable devices as well so long as they can connect to your Runkeeper or Strava accounts (which you can get for free).

Refer to Runkeeper for supported wearables here, and refer to Strava for supported wearables here.

Note that we can only credit runs that are officially reported through Runkeeper, Strava, or Garmin Connect. This is why it is important to make sure your wearable device is supported and that all your runs appear in one of the supported apps.

All the Run Bet app FAQs are here

Run Bet


Sign up with your smartphone here:

Run Eat Repeat – Pile on the Miles Challenge


And after you’ve signed up –

Take this short POTM 2018 SURVEY so it’s easier for me to invite you to the closed Facebook Group AND know how to help support and motivate you to stay on track!

Thank you!

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