Running Eating and Burpees by the Numbers!

Hello! How’s it going? Today I’m sharing some pictures from my phone and breaking it down by the numbers. These are in no particular order…

11 miles – I ran 11 miles today and then stretched for 10 minutes. Pace is a lil slow because I walked during a mid-run phone call.

11 mile run brooks running shoes (478x637)

7 feet – height I’m guesstimating of one guy walking on the path today. He was walking with two other people so I had them for reference. He was TALL!!

run eat repeat march 1 (784x588)

28th day of March aka ‘Something on a Stick’ day! Check out my instagram post here to Pick Your Fave Food on a Stick!

run eat repeat march 2 (441x588)

2 rice cakes and 2 avocados consumed for a snack yesterday. The extra avocado was camera shy.

run eat repeat march 3 (784x588)

50% faster*… percentage faster I run when I eat pasta. *These numbers have not been confirmed or tested.

eat pasta run fasta (800x600)

3 feet high… height of the epic salad I had at my mom’s yesterday.

Pico Rivera kitchen remodel (784x588)

5 – number of deviled eggs I ate. We were going to celebrate Easter early and ended up having to reschedule. I was super bummed because I was craving these and my mom made them because she’s the best!!

Pico Rivera kitchen remodel 1 (800x389)

3 – dogs we have since Roxy passed. Sad.

Pico Rivera kitchen remodel 3 (286x588)

130 calories – the number of calories in this Kashi cookie.

kashi cookie (441x588)

??? – I have no idea how many calories are in this cookie and I don’t want to know.

massive cookie (441x588)

0 – the number of Fs Vegas gives about my smashed nail.

vegas gives 0 fs (441x588)

16 samples of Nothing Bundt Cake – well, I wanted that many but only had one. But they gave out coupons for free mini bundt cakes and I’m excited about that!!

nothing bundt cake free sample (784x588)

15% off – discount on The Great Donut Run 5k when you use code: RER

run for donuts (784x588)

The Great Donut Run / Walk 5K is May 20th in Irvine, CA

Get 15% off when you use discount code: RER


100 burpees – I did 100 burpees last week to see how it compares to running 5 miles. If I had to choose I’d go with running.

100 burpees (286x588)

What’s one of your numbers from today?

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