Thoughts from my run…

Ducks seem pretty big to fly.

How do I get to be friends with Amy Schumer?

Have I ever been to a real brunch?!

I need to add that song to my playlist… ( I have no idea what’s the name of the song or who sings it I just remember hearing a song that I liked at a friend’s house)

(someone tells me good morning catches me off-guard so I mumble back good morning)
*Contemplates whether or not they heard me for the next mile.*

I wonder if the water from the water fountain has a ton of lead…

**zones out for 2 miles**

Crap I never emailed so and so back!!

*Has the best idea for someone’s birthday gift!!* (Most likely this person’s birthday has just passed and I will have to try and remember this idea for a year.)

Also… baby ducks are the cutest thing! I love watching them grow each week around spring and try to stop and just enjoy them and take a few pictures every time I see them on the run.

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