Would you rather (for runners)…

Hello! Let’s play a game! It’s called “Home Yelp”…

How to play: You cook something delicious. I eat it. Then, I text you a certain number of fun emojis to say how much I liked it.

Yeah? Want to?

Okay. Maybe you’re too busy to drop everything and cook for me right now (we can set a time for next week) so I have another game idea – “Would you rather… “

Let’s do a round of Would You Rather for Runners based on my little day:

Would You Rather for Runners

Would you rather…

a.) wear ONLY running clothes for 1 year

b.) have ONLY 1 running outfit (top/bottoms/socks/sportsbra) to year for 1 year

wearing clothes everyday update 2 (441x588)

(I’ve gotta update ya on my resolution to get dressed everyday!)

Would you rather…

Eat ONLY bread as your carbs for 1 year


NOT eat any bread for 1 year (but you can have grains and pasta – no pizza or anything on bread either)

daves killer bread (441x588)

I finally bought Dave’s Killer Bread after seeing it on food blogs since 1986. I’ve tried it at events but never actually bought a loaf because it’s pricey… but it’s delicious!

daves killer bread 1 (784x588)

Would you rather…

Eat dinner with someone who

a.) Didn’t eat any animal products

b.) Didn’t eat any carbs

These are chicken stuffed peppers from Home Chef. My friend is 100% on board with all those meal delivery services.

green chef stuffed peppers (784x588)

Would you rather have…

a.) chocolate cake

b.) chocolate ice cream

costco chocolate cake (784x588)

This is that awesome HUGE chocolate cake from Costco. I cut out a big piece to sing my mom happy birthday on Sunday and added sprinkles. It’s amazing cake. 5 stars!

Would you rather eat…

a.) strawberries

b.) mixed fruit with chili and limon

strawberry season (441x588)


fruit with tajin (784x588)

Monican… I don’t like tajin or chile on my fruit! I think that’s surprising since I love spicy food… but nope!

Would you rather have

a.) savory breakfast

b.) sweet breakfast

breakfast after running (800x800)

Me: Usually savory in the winter like eggs and toast or tortillas. And I go for sweet smoothies in the summer. But I made the above bowl of oats today. I love toppings!

Would you rather use your shoes…

a.) as a pillow

b.) as a cup holder

my shoes are not a pillow (784x588)

shoes are not a cat pillow (784x588)

Life hack: Using your shoe as a cup holder somewhere it could get knocked down = smelly genius!

Would you rather have a $100 gift card to…

a.) Costco

b.) Trader Joes

Monican… Here’s my latest Costco grocery haul. Confession – I ate the whole package of aidell’s meatballs. I think there were about 428 in there! I’m not sure if I should be ashamed or proud.

i ate 248 meatballs (784x588)

Speaking of Costco…

They have a green house for sale!! A whole green house. What? I kinda want it.

green house at costco (441x588)

Would you rather watch…

a.) The Food Network while working out

b.) Paint dry while working out

I was watching the Pioneer Woman while doing some strength training yesterday but I usually watch Bravo.

food network while working out (784x588)

Would you be a…

a.) unicorn

b.) mermaid

Lucky Charms just added a new marshmallow to their cereal! Unicorns!

lucky charms unicorns (286x588)

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run eat repeat protein bar (441x588)

Question: What’s your favorite choice from this would you rather game?

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